Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a promise to the public that defines the professionalism and service to be expected from a member of the National Association of REALTORS®.

National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Code of Ethics

Basic Principles of the Code

  • Absolute client fidelity
  • Avoiding misrepresentation and concealment of pertinent facts in dealings with clients and fellow brokers
  • Respecting and honoring other agency relationships
  • Working with and cooperating other brokers and hearing panels
  • Being truthful by disclosing self-interest, compensation, and dual representation
  • Safeguarding entrusted funds
  • Ensuring that agreements and commitments are in writing
  • Dealing fairly and providing equal, competent service to all
  • No unethical use of false advertising
  • Not engaging in the practice of law


If you believe that a REALTOR®-member of the Central South Dakota Board of Realtors is guilty of unethical conduct which warrants disciplinary action, you may file a complaint with the Association. Contact Us OR you may contact the state association SDAR